Lithium Battery Carbide Circular Blades(Knives)
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Lithium Battery Carbide Circular Blades(Knives)

Electrode plates are one of the core components in a lithium battery. Those electrodes are usually cut from metallic foils, either copper or aluminum, which have been coated with anode materials or cathode materials. The foil slitting process needs to be very precise and accurate as any burrs lefts on the edge of foil strips would possibly short out the lithium battery. This calls for sharp, reliable tungsten carbide machine knife.
We keep in stock various sizes of foil slitting blade. These blades can be either used as the upper knife or lower knife on the slitting machine. Most of the blades are wear-resistant circular knives with a prefect roundness, ready to deliver smooth, clean cuts. Blade edges are closely inspected against even the slightest defects to ensure the best possible cutting results with no burrs. With this cutting blade, your slitting machine hardly needs any blade replacement over the rest of its working life.
This tungsten carbide machine knife works best on metallic foils. Of course, the cutting blade is also suitable for slitting battery separators, electrical insulators (adhesive taps for example), carrier tapes, cover tapes, polarizing films, etc.

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