Rotary Slitter(Slitting) Knife Blades And Knives
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Rotary Slitter(Slitting) Knife Blades And Knives

Rotary Slitter(Slitting) Knife Blades And Knives is mainly used in cakes, paper, film, gold, silver foil, aluminum foil and copper foil items such as cutting, request the blade to cut off the least resistance, wear resistance is the largest.Round blade products are widely used in ceramics, printing machinery, paper-making industry, carton, forestry machinery, textile, rubber, plastic, food, electrical appliances, light industry machinery, aluminum foil, metallized film, tobacco, tobacco machinery, packaging materials, thin films, electronic appliances, wire and cable, shipbuilding, chemical fiber, glass fiber, textile, feed, paper tube, forestry, woodworking machinery, plastic crushing, edge sealing, the sealing machine, bottom seal bag making machine, wood processing, food packaging aluminum foil, paper cutting, metallurgy mechanical and electrical, medicinal materials, rubber and other industries.

We can supply as following:
1. Material: D2,M2,SKD11 and so on
2. Hardness:HRC48-68
3. High precision surface,burr-free
4. more than 18 years professional manufacture experience
5. Strict quality management system
6. Small orders accepted.
7. OEM and ODM
8. Standard: ISO9001:2008

OYEA Knife & Blade manufactures any custom and OEM circular carbide blades based on blueprint, sketch, technical drawing, or even specifications provided by customer. 

OYEA Knives manufactures and supplies a full line of both STANDARD and CUSTOM cutting knives and blades. All of our standard cutting knives are manufactured to exceed the exact OEM standards.    
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    We warmly welcome every customer to send us drawings for making customized product.            
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